Artists Portraits

Diane Duquesne - Actress in theater, movie and musical 

  Contact :                             MUA : Isabelle Ducoudert

Groupe Protonova, Oneira James-Rebeccu, Rafael Medde, Michael Medde, Piwee Desfray.

Clément Chauvin - Actor in theater, movie and TV show

contact : Agence Artistique Florence Neuberth

Emmanuelle Magdalena - Actress and dancer in theater, movie and musical

Rosa BURSZTEIN - Actress in theater, cinema, TV movies and dubbing for TV series

Contact : agent Jean-Baptiste L'Herron / UBBA                           MUA : Noeli B

Olivier BERHAULT - Actor and Director in theater

Contact FB                                                                                       MUA : Laureen Menez

Christophe Trawinski - Actor in theater, movie and TV commercial

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